Like our photo gallery, our flight videos are split into several “rooms”.

The films have been compressed to make the download time very quick. Due to this, we advise you to watch the videos on a small screen to ensure picture quality. We would also recommend only those with a broadband connection should try this section. Remember to turn up your speaker volume!

Please choose which video you would like to watch:

Albuquerque “Dawn Patrol” (US)
An amazing piece of footage taken by us in New Mexico showing a number of balloons launching in darkness at 5am, in order to land after the sun rises.

Albuquerque (US)
Flying in daylight this time! This video includes some fun special shape balloons, and is sure to appeal to children.

Metz (France)
Our footage of Europe’s biggest balloon festival, from both the ground and the sky.

General Ballooning
Gives a great impression of what it’s really like to fly in a balloon.